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Stokie's Blues Exchange: Loughborough

Thursday dance classes, five minutes from Loughborough in the middle of Leicestershire.

Stokie's Blues Exchange is open Thursday evenings (doors open at 8:15pm).

The evening starts with a drop-in, easily accessible short class and then uninturrupted music for dancing to until 11pm.

When we opened the club over three years ago there were no traditional blues dancing in the area. So we focussed hard on giving dancers in the club the tools they needed to enjoy this beautiful, connected dance.

Due to all the hard work we are at a point where we can ease back a little and really start to reap the rewards of the effort that everyone has put in. Those rewards being dances; lots of beautifully connected, musical dances.

With all of that in mind, added to the conversations we've had with members of the club, we have decided to take a break fron blues for a month in class and look at SmoothX.

SmoothX is a hybrid dance that is easy to pick up, easy to add to, simple to develop your own moves for, and even easier to incorporate the moves you alrready have. It's a BRAND NEW way to dance! After the initial three class nights, we will lay on a SmoothX Freestyle for you all to put it into practice!

Nights cost, 8
Nights start and finish, 8:15pm-11pm
Nights are at, Wymeswold Memorial Hall, Clay Street - LE12 6TY

Our Teaching Ethos

Our unique approach to teaching will allow you to discover the real dancer inside you in next to no time.

Our teaching is founded in musicality, expression, connection and style. We can even help the complete beginner to enjoy the magic of dancing from their first night!

As dancing proficiently is all about connecting with your partner, the ground, and the music we believe in teaching together, the same way we dance.

This way Stokie will give leads important tips on getting that connection right, so your follow can feel what you are leading. Essie-Jo will focus on the huge part that a follow plays within the conversation of any dance.

You will learn a huge range of dance skills including dance technique, musicality, partner and floor connection... all critical ingredients to develop you as a confident social dancer.


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