SmoothX is a brand new way to approach your dancing. Smooth-eXpressive dancing is, simple, modular, role neutral, and exciting. It allows you to seamlessly and smoothly plug elements of different dance styles straight into the dancing you do right now. That means, there's no beginner blues, and as it is based on genuine dance technique, we believe it's the ultimate, easy to learn, social dance.

Using SmoothX's 'magic moves' and a little technique, we'll smooth out your connection, allowing you to build bridges from one style to another; Jive, Tango, Blues, a WCS style slot. With 'magic moves' that allow you to switch dance styles when the music changes during a song. Speed up, slow down, not a problem. We'll give you access to unparelelled musical expression. SmoothX, moves that'll change your dancing - like magic!

SmoothX is being taught around the UK. Stokie and Essie-Jo teach SmoothX regularly on a Thursday at Wymeswold. With a special class for newbies every week while the main class is on, there's never a been a better time to explore your dancing with Stokie's.

Thursday Class Nights:
Wymeswold Memorial Hall
Clay Street, Wymeswold
Leicestershire LE12 6TY
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